Devlog - What's new?

LVL Edit 0.4.2 finally on Clickstore!
New version still in progress. I'll share some videos soon ;)

LVL Edit 0.4.3 needs some more time. I'm working on user-friendly and flexible UI - that ofcourse needs to remake some parts of an old UI ideas from 0.4.2 version.

A lot of new things to come. LVL Edit logo reimagined, listing objects finally working!

Currently working on very important window resizing feature - for all kind of screen resolutions. UI will be no more fixed to one size! but this will cost some more time to make - it's not that easy.

LVL Edit 0.4.3 will become available on Click Store for free this month! Still need some free time to fix major bugs ;) but it's almost ready!

New version of LVL Edit 0.4.3 will become available on Click Store for free 1st of June!

LVL Edit 0.4.3 main focus besides bug fixes, new features will be improving adding new objects to make level creation more fun. Level editor will be no longer limited to the 3D Grid Marker!

Finally! LVL Edit 0.4.2 released! New features and bugs fixes. A lot of changes... but there's still a lot of work to be done in next update!

LVL Edit 0.4.2 quick update. Added some quick raport feature to help improve level editor tool. You can turn it on/off in LVL Edit Settings in Advanced tab. Fixed LVL Edit window focus state too ;) Enjoy

New version of LVL Edit 0.4.1 released! Next update soon.

Gathering feedback from first users. LVL Edit 0.4.1 will be with zoom finally working and more coming soon.

It's not that perfect but... it's time to share with small group of people. Need some fresh users to try it, a direction to focus on. Ready to start! Gathering first feedback and new features/bug fixes start this weekend!

It's done! Basic example showing first person game level with LVL Edit import group in events. Collisions, loading screen etc. In general it's based on the other free Firefly FPS example. More will come depends on user's interest level.
First test version of LVL Edit comming soon. I'm very excited about that. Hope You as a user will like it!

Adding new features, settings to speed-up workflow with a tool as much as possible. Working on first Importing LVL Edit level into mfa game project. First test version of LVL Edit will be ready 19-23 of March.

Working on loading map group for FPP example published on Steam. Almost working!... ;)

Currently LVL Edit is polished for first testers. Adding a lot of options to give as much freedom for future users as possible. Preparing LVL Edit loading group to add in for your Firefly future project.